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problems with fridge

You don’t want this…do we (my fridge problem handling)?

Considering the fact that all refrigerators operates all the time without any pause, it is astonishing to see how less maintenance they require than any other appliance. Apart from a rare shortcoming, most of the refrigerators functions smoothly for years. Some of the common problems that are concerned with a refrigerator are:

  1. Leaking problem: Almost all refrigerators will leak from one place or the other for more than once in its lifetime! However, this is not a serious problem and can be easily fixed. All that needs to be done here is to find out the source of leakage and then to fix it, which will mostly require you to change the connecting pipes.

  2. Loose Door – After a few years, some refrigerators will have loose doors. This is because of the rubber coating over the door, which has gone loose and requires a fix. The door seal too can be replaced with a new one and if you know the basics to cutting and replacing, then you can even replace the door seal by yourself.

  3. Improper functioning – At time, you may discover that the refrigerator is not keeping the stuff cool. This is most likely because of the compressor. You need to clean the compressor path and this will solve the problem. You should call the customer care to handle this problem.